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Chimney Re-Building - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Chimney Re-Building

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All types and shapes of chimneys can be re-built. This is especially important if the bricks are weathered, partly chipped or broken bricks or the chimney is looking unsafe. Any chimney can be taken apart, the bricks cleaned off and then be completely re-built with fresh mortar, ensuring a stable, well constructed chimney.

Chimney Re-Pointing - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Chimney Re-Pointing

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A well used chimney, may need re-pointing at some time, due to general weathering over the years. The mortar may have become loose and crumbly, possibly because of bad weather and the chimney structure may look a little unsafe. If your chimney is an asset to your home, especially when the weather becomes colder, it may be time to consider having the whole chimney re-pointed. Call David of Bournemouth Roofing who, with his expertise gained over many years, can call round and survey your chimney health, giving a FREE no-obligation quote.

Chimney Reduction - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Chimney Reduction

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The height of a chimney may need to be reduced, perhaps because it is not being used, and it is surplus to your requirements or because it is unsafe. It can be taken right down to under the roof line, and this work can be done especially if your roof is going to be re-tiled. David of Bournemouth Roofing will quote for any chimney size reduction.

Chimney Pot Maintenance - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Chimney Pot Maintenance

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All chimney pots need maintenance because of water ingress, where part of the mortar has become loose and rainwater is seeping through. It is essential for chimney pots to be maintained, especially if there is a real fire being used in your home, or a flue is being used out through the chimney. Chimney pots can also become unstable, and constant high winds can cause damage and loosen the mortar.

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