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Leaking Roof - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Leaking Roof

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Should you have a leaking roof, if this is not checked out immediately this can cause more serious issues and needs urgent repairs. Bad or inclement weather - storms, strong winds or very heavy rain can cause a tile or slate to become loose. If it is not fixed without delay, this could weaken other tiles, slates or even ridge tiles. We can find the problem and repair or replace immediately.

Roof Repairs - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Roof Repairs

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All types of roof repair

Are you looking for a reliable roofing specialist who can take care of all your roofing repairs at very reasonable prices? Look no further call David at Bournemouth Roofing Company on 07774 926300. We can repair and restore your damaged roof as soon as possible from as little as £89.00

Roofs may need small or large repairs due to wear and tear, or perhaps because the weather has dislodged a few slates or tiles. If you find broken pieces from your roof laying in your garden or on your patio, this probably needs immediate attention. The ridge or verge tiles can become weak due to the cement becoming porous over the years, if you find this problem it is best to call David for an inspection. He will book an appointment suitable to you and discuss any issues.

Small Roof Repairs

A roof, over time may need minor repairs, this usually happens due to bad weather. A broken tile or slate can cause a bigger problem and without noticing can become much worse, you would be making potential savings even lowering household bills through insulation. Repairing your roof as soon as a problem is found can prevent further internal damage or water ingress. If you think there is a problem with your roof, maybe the loft has a damp patch or water seeping through, please call Bournemouth Roofing today.

Re-Roof - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset


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Some roofs need total roof replacements, because of wear and tear, if your roof is slate or tile, we can replace old for new. You may prefer to change the slates to tiles, or even change the colour of your roof, perhaps to blend in with new paintwork or surrounding properties. With years of experience Bournemouth Roofing can provide a Free no-obligation quote for complete re-roofs.

Roof Renovation - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Roof Renovation

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A roof may need total renovation, perhaps because the whole building is being renovated. Bournemouth Roofing will supply the scaffolding, remove the existing roof, whether it be slate or tile, and completely re-new the felt, battens and re-roof with new tiles or slates. We are proud to work in partnership with other tradesmen, so if you require this service please do not hesitate to ask for a FREE full written quotation.

Roof Restoration - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Roof Restoration

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Your slate or tile roof made need restoring because the slates or tiles look tired or worn. We can supply and use products to clean the roof, or even part of the roof, so it looks almost as good as new. This is a good way for us to also check for any damaged slates or tiles as we work on and around the roof.

Moss Removal - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Moss Removal

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Bournemouth Roofing can remove unwanted moss, which may be growing on your roof, and as it clings on to the roof it can grow further. It can also make your roof look unsightly and could cause damage to the slates or tiles. We have the tools and equipment undertaking a thorough and extensive job removing moss.

Roofs cleaned of all moss algae.

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